Key Requirements for
Learning Industry


It’s always good to have someone to guide you to overcome your weak points. You can find tutor that fits well for you, search tutor through our app, and look at their profile to see if it is what you are looking for. And then start your journey to success with our tutor. You can always chat with your tutor.


Once you have learned your topic, it’s always good to do practice, as there is a say “Practice makes man perfect”. We provide you exam sets to practice yourself and to know how you are doing, with checking results and if you are wrong at anything you can improve yourself.


What if someone give you money for practicing your points. Yes you read it right, we will give you rewards for your exams you are giving, which you can redeem in your account or in your PAYTM wallet. It’s like “Killing two birds with one stone”, you can learn and at the same time you can earn.


If you are school students, you can always check notes in the PDF format, no need to worry about the notes, if you missed them.


Reading notes is good but visualizing things make student learn them very easily and remember them for long time. So we provide you videos of the topics, so you can view them like them and rewatch them if needed, comment you thoughts.

Notes sharing

As there is a say “Sharing is caring, share videos/notes you read, like with your friends, family so they can read them and get benefit from this.

Key Features

Well detailed
Institute profile

Protects student

Instant push

Chat with institutes
& tutor

Give exam



Search institute
& tutor



Notes sharing

Service Description

For Students

  • Registration
  • See detailed profile and connect with Institutes
  • Search institue & tutor
  • Get instant notification
  • Chat with institue & tutor
  • Give Exam
  • Check your ranking & rewards
  • Reading your rewards to account

For Institutes

  • Registration & Login
  • Job post
  • Chat with student & tutor

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